The Escape of Jesus Christ

We are swiftly coming to EASTER!  How wonderful it is to remember and reenact and celebrate the ESCAPE of Christ Jesus from the tomb.  He died and lived again!  No one else ever did what he did.  And no other act in history offers us the HOPE that the resurrection does!  But what about afterwards?  Jesus remained on earth for over a month after the resurrection.  What was his emphasis during that time?  The New Testament pictures him as mostly concerned with getting the word out!  Before his crucifixion, Jesus was often reticent about folks “telling” others of his identity.  At times he actually instructed people to keep quiet about a healing or miracle they had witnessed.  But after the resurrection we see a different strategy.  Over and over again, he said, “Tell them”!  “GO into all the world and PREACH the gospel…” (Matthew 28:29).  So that is our task, too.  We live AFTER the happening.  This is a post Easter world.  So God expects us, also, to tell and explain and persuade others to believe.  Many people are afraid to die.  They are petrified in the face of death.  If only they understood and believed that death’s power has been overcome and that Christ’s victory can make all the difference for them!  Are you helping to get the word out?