August 5 – MAD, BAD, AND SAD  Because we are humans, we are vulnerable and face attacks from many fronts.  Our BODIES struggle against illness, our MINDS struggle against depressive (even suicidal) thoughts, and our SPIRITS face demonic warfare.  How do we understand these threats and what is our hope?


August 12 – CLYDE, MEET EOHIPPUS!  Fallacies of “evolution” and facts of nature which correlate with Scripture and corroborate its truthfulness and trustworthiness.


August 19 – NEITHER DO I CONDEMN YOU  Should I seek to support and cooperate with those Christians with whom I have disagreements over important issues?  Or…are no issues so “important” that they should divide Christians?


August 26 – IT’S PERSONAL!  The Christian life is not a song to hear or a movie to watch.  I must BELIEVE something.  For real!  Yet…the Christian life is more than belief.  I must RELATE to God, as in a relationship.  How does this happen?