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Old Fashioned Faith for Newfangled Times!

 Amid the pulsing of technology and the pounding of culture, we must continually return to the old revelation and foundation of the Bible.  These messages come from the first chapter of II Timothy.   Cars without drivers… “No fear”  (Nov.  4) When we drive, we depend on our own vision, reflexes, and knowledge.  To “ride” with no visible driver seems fearful indeed.  What an analogy of the Christian life!  We cannot see God, our driver, yet he says, “Have no fear.  Let your faith be real!”   Organs without bodies.. “Suffering for the Testimony”  (Nov. 11) Amazing technology has so reduced our suffering that we are tempted to think, “Life should be painless and free of all discomfort and disruption.”  Need a fix for your knee or a cure for arrhythmia?  There’s are procedure for that, and its quick and painless!  HOWEVER… If I live like Christ and share his gospel, I will suffer persecution and ridicule.  And technology offers no fix for that!   Books without pages… “Keep the Faith”  (Nov. 18) As the pages from our e-books glide past our eyes, there is no shuffle.  A seamless transition.  As our lives come to an end and new lives begin, there is no shuffle in God’s plan.  No flipping back and forth.  Each life is one paragraph in God’s larger story.  It did not begin with you.  It is a “good deposit entrusted to you,” which blends into the next life which “keeps the pattern” which you taught.   Sight without eyes… “Keep Searching for the Lost One”  (Nov. 25) The technology of detection is phenomenal (and frightening)!  Facial recognition, GPR, Amber Alert, etc.  You can run, but you cannot hide!  This is not a good era to be a criminal. The tools of today simply do not give up.  They see through walls… disguises… and pitch black night.  And so should the Christian… see… through fake signals, feigned disinterest, and flimsy excuses.  We search for the needy so that we can serve.  We search for the lost so that we can save.