January 2019
“Perilous Times”


The sins of our culture are often egregious and outrageous.  We feel angry and justified in our anger.  In our pride we feel that we must compare quite well against “such sinners.”  But God does not share that view.  All sin is offensive to him.  He is holy.  The Old Testament prophets often addressed this issue of condemning the community or world but ignoring our own self.  They often described God’s coming judgment, not only to “other nations” but upon ourselves.  During January, the Sunday sermons will address this issue of personal humility and self examination. 


     Jan 6 – I Will Not Turn Back My Wrath (Amos)

     Jan 13 – Prepare To Meet Your God (Amos)

     Jan 20 – Rip Your Heart (Joel)

     Jan 27 – The Lord ROARS (Joel)