Fix Your Eyes On Jesus

                               Fixing Your Eyes on Jesus

                                          Bible Study



When I read the news, I have the distinct impression that our world is unraveling! Economically, politically, environmentally, socially, religiously, morally and culturally, we seem to be in turmoil. The uncertainty has stoked fears that have produced one of the highest suicide rates in years. To be honest, my heart sinks as I look at the prognosis for 2013 if we do not turn to God in repentance of sin, or if Jesus does not return. Humanly speaking, we seem to be increasingly hopeless and helpless as we dig a deeper and deeper pit into which we ourselves are falling.

But I have heard God’s voice in no uncertain terms speaking to me from Psalm 46. He has commanded me not to lose my focus. Like setting my spiritual compass, He has challenged me to fix my eyes on Jesus so that regardless of all that swirls around me, my heart is steadfast, trusting in Him!