Inspirational Thoughts from David


Truth is truth and speaking it is speaking it!

You probably heard about the painting that got released from jail.  They discovered that it had been framed!  Ha Ha  Well, sometimes that does happen…planted evidence, etc.  I’m sure plenty of innocent people have gone to jail for something they did not do.  But I also know that when faced with justice, many folks are bold and inveterate liars, claiming they are innocent, they were framed, they would never commit this crime,etc, but they actually did.  Forensic evidence today often helps law enforcement to refute these lies.


Kicking in the Door

“Why would I kick my own door in?  When I need to close it later, it won’t work and then I’ll just have to fix it.  Nah!  It isn’t worth it!”  That is wisdom.  

Someone saw a burglar kicking his own door in.  “What are you doing?” they asked.  “Oh”, said the burglar, “I’m working from home today!”  Oh my!  Who comes up with these things?  But the image of a thief stealing from themselves is powerful.  I see it every day…folks destroying their own lives…sabotaging their own future…kicking in their own door!  This, of course, is the very nature of sin and the natural condition of a depraved, fallen world.  We are ignorant.  Blind.  Stupid.  Foolish.  This delights Satan who is the Deceiver.  His lies are designed to offer pleasure for the moment and death for the future.  We’re told “The god of this age blinds the minds of those who do not believe so that they will not see the light of the glory of God in the face of Christ”  (II Corinthians 4:4).