Truth is truth and speaking it is speaking it!

You probably heard about the painting that got released from jail.  They discovered that it had been framed!  Ha Ha  Well, sometimes that does happen…planted evidence, etc.  I’m sure plenty of innocent people have gone to jail for something they did not do.  But I also know that when faced with justice, many folks are bold and inveterate liars, claiming they are innocent, they were framed, they would never commit this crime,etc, but they actually did.  Forensic evidence today often helps law enforcement to refute these lies. I, personally, have had folks look me directly in the eye and swear they were not involved in something even when I had video evidence that they were.  Evidence was undeniable yet they denied it anyway!  The Bible tells us to judge “justly”.  It says that we must love folks but also speak the truth to them (Ephesians 4).  That means that we do not jump to conclusions.  We must give each person the benefit of the doubt when the evidence is not clear.  This is captured in our culture by the legal phrase innocent until proven guilty.  But it also means we must not flinch from justice and let someone off the hook simply because we love them.  Truth is truth and speaking it is speaking it!