See the Unseen

Certain professions carry with them a contingency.  They are “on call.”  Many of these have equipment which they need to have READY.  It may be clothes, tools, weapons, beepers or specialized equipment.  They have their things packed…ready for immediate access and deployment.  NOTHING must be allowed to interfere with their readiness and availability.  They never know when they will need it, but they are certain that they will need it.  Therefore, its readiness must be guarded.  When the call comes, that suitcase or trunk or equipment may be their only lifeline.  Their salvation.  Think of SWAT teams, SEAL teams, law enforcement, emergency personnel, fire fighters, Coast Guard, electrical linemen.  Lifeboats on a ship.  Fire extinguishers in an office.  Emergency wash rooms in a lab.  Etc.



What MOTIVATES or ENABLES such an attitude, such preparation, such readiness?


A person in this position has to see the unseen


Images From Revelations

David Rawley  Otterbein United Brethren in Christ Church     


The final (ending) word of the Bible is the “revelation” given to St. John while he was imprisoned on an island fortress for preaching and speaking about Christ.  He tells us that he “heard” and “saw” this vision (Revelation 1:10-12).  The speaker was one “like a son of man”, that very phrase being a self description often used by Jesus.  This person who John saw had eyes as bright as fire and feet as bright as bronze.  The eyes speak of the intensity and purpose of Christ, not the meek lamb going to the slaughter but the risen Lord who possesses all authority.  The feet speak of the dual nature and purpose of Christ, a union of God and man.  Bronze, a union of copper and iron, is malleable but rigid, representing both the strength of God and the vulnerability of man.