Images From Revelations

David Rawley  Otterbein United Brethren in Christ Church     


The final (ending) word of the Bible is the “revelation” given to St. John while he was imprisoned on an island fortress for preaching and speaking about Christ.  He tells us that he “heard” and “saw” this vision (Revelation 1:10-12).  The speaker was one “like a son of man”, that very phrase being a self description often used by Jesus.  This person who John saw had eyes as bright as fire and feet as bright as bronze.  The eyes speak of the intensity and purpose of Christ, not the meek lamb going to the slaughter but the risen Lord who possesses all authority.  The feet speak of the dual nature and purpose of Christ, a union of God and man.  Bronze, a union of copper and iron, is malleable but rigid, representing both the strength of God and the vulnerability of man.


Daniel 1:8-16

How can you follow God and thrive in the secular world at the same time? Almost every workplace Christian faces this question daily, and many find the answer so difficult they are tempted to give up. Daniel, the central character of the Book of Daniel, faces the question under extreme circumstances. Exiled from Jerusalem when the Babylonian empire conquers God’s people, he must live out his life in an environment very hostile to the Most High God. Yet circumstances bring him to a position of high opportunity in the service of the Babylonian king. Should he withdraw from the corrupt and profane Babylonian government and seek a life pleasing to God in an enclave among other Jews? Should he relegate his faith to a private, personal sphere, perhaps praying to God in his closet, while living the life of Babylonian power and influence indistinguishably from those around him? Daniel chooses neither. Instead, he embarks on a promising career while remaining publicly devoted to God. The story of how he navigates these treacherous waters is a guidebook and case study for today’s times.