The NT book of HEBREWS would not top the “bestseller” list, even among other books of the Bible.  Written to Jews still using the temple system, it describes blood sacrifices and liturgy which seem repulsive to our world today. It is eager to prove that Jesus is the better, superior and “more perfect” sacrifice.  It argues (with great detail) that Jesus is more qualified than anyone to be our high priest, our point man before God.  And it is a difficult document to study, as its explanations and quotations and exhortations seem randomly woven together.  So, it is often quietly overlooked.  Yet it is a magnificent book with themes that are absolutely relevant to us today.  Our Sunday sermons for the next several months will originate from the pages of this NT letter to the Hebrews.  Beginning next week, November 3.  SON, SACRIFICE, AND SATISFACTION!