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Sunday Services at 8:30 and 10:45




2 – ANOTHER COUNSELOR  God dwells in heaven.  Right?  God dwells within me.  Right?  Jesus said that God will come and make his home with those and in those who love him.  Awesome!  In many ways!


9 – ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS ONE  When Jesus was asked about divorce, he answered by talking about marriage.  He said that we are way mixed up and messed up about these two realities.  Hard hearts!  But grace can enter any space…even a hard heart.


16 – (Ingathering Sunday)  THE CHEERY AND THE WEARY  How do we keep a “spiritual fervor” through a lifetime of trials, temptations, and troubles?  Can we really be joyful in hope?  Overcome evil with good?  You betcha!


23 – FREEDOM OF FORGIVENESS  Did Jesus really say if I will not forgive others, God will not forgive me?  Yep!  Why would God think like that?  Why does the horizontal have to be linked to the vertical?  Do I just have to pretend that a mean person is actually nice?  What does forgiveness really mean?


30 – THE GODS BEYOND THE RIVER  So many “religions.”  Why?  How?  Are they similar at the core or are they apples and oranges (and lemons!)?  I’m an American, so I’m probably Christian.  Right?  Does it even matter?