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New Sermon Series
“I am not ashamed of the gospel.  It is the power of God for salvation to all who believe” (Romans 1:16).
This verse contains the essence of our Christian testimony, our efforts to evangelize, our witness.  There

is the seed (gospel), growth (power), and crop (salvation).  There are also variables, such as the sower
(ashamed to plant) and the germination (all who believe).  Our church is God’s garden.  But there are many

empty rows where plants should be growing.  These sermons will speak of evangelism, the planting of God’s
seed in the soil of human hearts.  We are his gardeners.  We should not be satisfied with the crops already
growing.  We must plant new ones.
November 12 – Why Plant?
November 19 – Hard Soil
November 26 – Holy Seed
December 3 – Healthy Crop