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Ten Words

Trump Tweets.  Zuckerburg does Facebook.  Everybody you’ve never heard of dispatches email … to you!  Aunt Matilda sends cards (Bless her, she can’t help it!)  And in between all these greets and tweets are phone calls and text messages and ITunes and smart apps and … Yea.  Opinions are flying around like anti-aircraft fire.  The world is a marketplace on steroids.  Vendors shouting.  Auctioneers babbling.  Beggars tugging at your arm.  Is there no quiet place where I can sit and listen to just one person who can actually tell me truth?

          Yep.  On a dark mountain top a lone figure is handed a flat rock with only a few words written on it.  Carved into it, actually.  Ten rules.  And the wisdom and power of those rules make families work, make life sweet, make civilizations prosper.  This simple list of rules has more to say than all the E stuff combined!  So … invite a friend to pull the phone off (or out of) their ear and join us on Sunday mornings to hear the rules.